August 22, 2005 - Smaller = Better...
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08.22.05 12:35 PM

Ok, you can all stop bugging me. The Panda's in, and I actually like this version for once. I think I'm gonna have fun with him now...

World of Warcraft has sucked me in near completely, but I think I'm back to a fairly balanced schedule now. I have a character on Dark Iron, to "run with the big boys" as the natives say. I may give out my character name once I'm not such a weenie noob.

I'm off to work at the moment, finished this just in time. But I'll have other news when I get home, including the crap I said I'd talk about last week :P

08.23.05 10:27 AM

Ok, first off, something I've been meaning to mention for a while now. My old freinds Lance and Danika, at least one of whiom you might be vaguely familiar with, have been working for the past few years on their own comics. They started them in print form, but have now moved to the digital frontier. They're attempting an update schedule along the lines of four times a week, to which I cry foul, and sob openly at my own laziness. Also, they are looking for artists to assist them in their endeavours, so if anyone out there is either an ambitious artist, or can recommend them a place to find such, I'm sure they'd love to talk to you.

Check them out at Powerful Press

Secondly, one of my loyal raders has created a Wikipedia entry, which I found really cool. Steve is a little disturbed though by his new pic. That really needs to go.

As far as Warcraft goes, I'm playing a couple of characters on different servers. I have a Tauren warrior on Dark Iron, the server that is quickly becoming synonymous with webcomics. Unfortunately though I really enjoy the Taurens, being a warrior is really terribly boring. I wanted a change of pace, since I'd already done the Undead priest thing on 3 servers (don't ask, only one still exists), but I'm finding the whole melee thing a bit monotonous. I started up a Night Elf rouge on Moonrunner last night, since Steve just got into the game, and my Undead priest can't do much for his Elf, being all "different faction" and all. The rouge is a lot more interesting and interactive than the warrior so far, and not waiting for rage to build is a huge plus. I'm very tempted to go rouge on Dark Iron, which is why I haven't joined any of the guilds as of yet. Once I know which character I'm gonna play for the long haul, I'm looking at you, Rapscallions...

Lastly, this Friday is my birthday. I'll be 24 again this year, which makes it very similar to last year, and the several years preceding it. I'll turn 25 when I need a walker to get around.

08.26.05 11:48 AM

Today I turn 24+7.

I shall celebrate by tossing out the comic I had planned for Monday, on accounts of it really sucking. I was about halfway through the pencils when I realized it wasn't gonna work. I've started it's replacement and all looks better.

I'm off to see The Brothers Grimm tonight, folowed by a late night viewing of a movie I should have seen years ago.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I really have no excuse for not having seen it before, please don't hit me with flying toast.

New comic should be up Monday, but I reserve the right to bump it to Tuesday if nee-ded...

08.26.05 12:58 PM

Update: I'm an idiot. I just realized there's gonna be a bunch of people here in a few hours, and to say this place is not presentable is an understatement. I will have "something" for monday, but it's likely to be a sketch.

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