October 22, 2013 - Page 81
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10.23.13 11:11 AM

Just finished the rough outline for chapter 3. This is a much more action-oriented chapter, and in some ways this is where the story really starts. I've had the parts mixing around for a long time, but it's nice to finally see them all in order. I'm guessing but it looks like this is going to be around 40 pages. I had really thought this would be a smaller chapter, but it may not turn out that way.

Next up is pounding out the actual script. The last 2 chapters I thumbnailed the pages first, then did a rough draft of the dialogue, and really only wrote them after they were drawn. This did not work as well as I'd hoped, so I'm taking a more traditional route here.

I'll let you know when the script is done, and when you can expect new pages. Don't expect to see thumbnails in advance this time, some of you know what to look for now ;)

03.11.14 06:51 PM

**UPDATE** I've decided to try out Patreon instead. Still working out how to do this and still give the finished pages the updating they require. Tentative plan is to reset the page count and begin again with page 1 on the new dedicated site. I may not be quite so drastic, but given the months of work that needs to be done we'd be looking at some kind of reset in any case.

I am NOT starting over from scratch, this is more of a soft reboot with an improved paint job and minor retooling. I've taken steps to ensure this is not needed again.



So, big announcement time.

Effective immediately I am no longer doing Stone Clouds as a webcomic.

I've heard numerous people tell me they have trouble following the story week to week ( or month to month really), and that's a fair gripe. I can't keep peoples interest with my typical release schedule, and that's entirely my fault.

This does not mean I'm no longer working on it. In fact I have a mostly finished script for chapter three, and I'm currently roughing out the pencils for six new pages to be added to chapter one. I've also redrawn or touched up elements on a dozen or more pages in the first two chapters, and I plan to revise them further in the near future. In the meantime I've been slowly converting all the old pages into Manga Studio EX5, so I can make use of its story mode. Believe it or not, I have been busy.

What this is leading up to is me changing to a full-on graphic novel form. The series was always going to be divided into books every five chapters, and I've decided it's best for the series if I concentrate on each book as a whole. This will let me polish and revise all the way to the end, without making people reread things looking for changes.

I was far too loose in the scripting for the first two chapters, and it came back to bite me hard in chapter three. I have a terrible memory, and writing week to week was resulting in me forgetting to include MAJOR story points (Al's brand not being discussed past page 3 for one!). I had thought I could catch things up in later chapters, but I've realized that things don't fit together that way.

There's a new website coming sometime this year. Once that goes live only chapter one will be online. It will be significantly improved from the current version, and will serve as a preview for the print book. I'll be posting preview art on a weekly or so basis once that site is up, so there will still be something new to see. And I'll likely do a kickstarter or something similar once I'm drawing chapter five.

Once this is done Stone Clouds will be better than ever, and I'll be a much happier artist. Hopefully you'll stick around to see it when it's done, and in the meantime I'll try to put together the best book I can.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

10.22.14 10:02 AM

Just a brief update to show I'm still alive. Life has been pretty busy, but I'm still working on Stone Clouds. We bought a house earlier this year, and just getting it ready for winter has taken up most of my free time. The rest has been spent largely on a secret project for my website wizard Steve's recent wedding. I'll show you that very soon.

I've finished the near final script for chapter 3, which currently clocks in at 58 pages. That may drop some when I do the final layouts, but it's a whopper in any case. I'll be moving on to the script for chapters 4 and 5 next. I want all 5 chapters of book one written before I start drawing again. It's easier to rewrite than redraw. :P

Once I have the scripts done I'll be looking at launching the new website and starting a Patreon. I don't want to start that commitment until I have a solid work schedule laid out.

More soon.

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