May 23, 2005 - Continued good first impressions...
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05.23.05 09:24 PM

I've been working on stuff for San Diego lately, and although I had hoped it wouldn't interfere with the regular comic schedule, I've already screwed that up. My bad. I'm going to skip this week for that and concentrate on gettign ahead again with the strip. Watching the 2-hour Sony E3 presentation twice, and seeing Episode 3 (again, twice) probably did not help.

On that subject, having seen Episode 3 twice now, I can safely say I still don't like it. I'm sorry, but it actually seemed more talky than either of it's predecessors. And yes, most of the interesting things happen late in the movie, but frankly after wasting 2 1/2 movies on filler I can't get too excited about the last hour of meaningful happenings. If anything, this movie re-enforced what a useless piece of crap Ep. 1 was, and did little to build on the interesting bits of Ep. 2. There's a few nuggets of joy hidden here and there, but it's a thick soup of half-ass dialogue you have to sift through to find them.

Seriously, the events of this movie are largely what all 3 of the films should have been about. Instead we get two films with largely irrelevant subplots, and one filled with drama that has no time to properly unfold. Everything in this movie happens far too fast, with the exception of the continually abysmal love scenes. It's not that I dislike the idea of romance in a Star Wars movie, Han and Leia had one of the best movie romances ever. But there is ZERO chemistry between these two, untill the end when Amidalla finally gets to show some believable emotion.

I won't discuss the various painfull additions to the "Let's dismantle the original trilogy" list, but suffice it to say there's a couple of doozies in this movie. In particular, the follow up to the first film's inane "Midichlorians" intro not only fails to justify the introduction in the first place, but it makes the implications far, far worse.

At least now the people who've been saying we should wait untill the trilogy was complete before we judged it can stop hoping now. It officially sucks from beginning to end, and as for myself, I don't consider them to be Star Wars movies at all.

05.25.05 02:55 AM

If you've found your way here from Joe and Monkey, hiya. If you're already here, and haven't heard of J&M, I suggest you go edjucationate yourselves.

My cereal box is telling me to "Start my day with real Jedi action."

How ironic then that after 3 boxes of Corn Pops I've yet to find a saber spoon in any color other than Sith red. And neither has anyone else I know.

Is this how Anakin "really" turned to the dark side? "I wanna be good, but I have to follow my spoon saber." Believe me, I'd understand...

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05.25.05 08:04 PM

Been revamping a bunch of the code lately. I try to check the site on other browsers to make sure it shows up the same. I've checked firefox and netscape before, but it was comming up like crap the other day, so it pushed me a bit more to finish it. The whole site now validates in HTML 4.01.

Fancy, I know.

...except for eric's rants, I haven't fixed those yet. I even checked it in safari, so the 5% of you out there will actualy be able to see it the way it's supposed to be. I pulled it up yesterday on a powerbook I was working on, and it was barely legible.

So far this year, 53% of you use firefox, which doesn't completely surprise me, but I stick with IE. I fix Macs all the time at work, but I'm still a born and raised pc guy.