December 14, 2004 - Aw... he wiped his mouth
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12.17.04 10:53 AM

Ah, a new site design... so nice at last.

The comic above is not quite as fictional as I might wish. We really did used to have a roomate with "bizzare and larcenous" tendencies. And indeed we did have a christmas where a substantial number of plastic infants appeared under our tree, severed power cords poking out here and there. She was an odd one.

Incidently I've been waiting almost two years to introduce these urchins to the strip. They were originally suppossed to be part of a storyline in the first incarnation of RP, but I never quite got it right. They'll be around for a while...

People have asked me how Half-Life 2 was, and my only real response is "amazing". Seriously, it's unbelievably good. And as for the rather abrupt ending, there's been word that Valve is planning to make serial updates to the story. Since the engine won't need an overhaul for a loooong time, they're free to work on crafting the materials they have into a continuing story. And believe me when I say they packed a whole lot more into this game than was actually used. Many times in the game things are used or seen only once, and the last level shows off a number of things which are pure tease.

I'm not a big multiplayer fan, but it sounds like that aspect has been done right as well. The idea of tossing mattresses at your opponents makes me grin.

Oh, and I finally bought my new car. A Toyota Matrix XR, as planned. It's been great so far, but I'm still babying it till it hits it's first 1000 miles. It's so nice to have fucking cupholders again. Saturn can kiss my ass.

We're going to be running a little marathon here on Saturday. A certain trilogy is going to be watched in it's entirety, now that the final chapter is fully finished. So I should probably start cleaning this place up. Next comic should be up on christmas morning, I'm hopin'...

12.19.04 02:38 PM

Neil over at Robot Stories has posted the guest comic I did for him a while back. Neil's a great guy, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the return of his strip. As he mentions we'll be involved in a great table setup at San Diego this coming year. I'm going to be starting on the prep work for that next month. Should be fun, I've got some interesting ideas for the booth :)

Email Steve!
12.16.04 12:45 AM

So here's the new site, hope you guys dig it. It took me a while since I built it from scratch again, but I think it was worth it. There's still some work to be done, but it's always that way. If anyone has any comments/suggestions feel free to email me.