November 12, 2004 - Mmm, chocolate...
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11.12.04 12:00 AM

Sorry about the terribly late strip this week, I've been spending a lot of time away from the drawing board lately. I'm not quite sure what the update schedule is going to be for the next few weeks, but I'll definitely still be doing at least one strip each week.

Just not guaranteeing when in the week...

I saw The Incredibles this week, fantastic movie. I'm absolutely giddy about the directors first feature film, The Iron Giant, which finally comes out in a special edition dvd next week.

That movie makes me cry, dammit.

Halo 2 was a major disappointment. I know it's primarily supposed to be a multiplayer game this time around, but good god is the single player game worthless. I finished it overnight, and there's not even a damned ending to it. It seems they took an awful lot of notes not only from Half-Life, but also from Soul Reaver 2. I had serious deja-vu back to SR2 while playing the second half of this one. I still haven't played the follow-up to SR2, and this really didn't leave me anticipating Halo 3.

When the last couple hours consist of missions where you just run through the map, sort of dodging enemies, there's something wrong. Now granted, I played the last half of it on easy, since I wanted to get back to drawing but still wanted to have finished the game. So I'm sure I missed all the fun challenge the game had to offer. But really, the game may as well be on rails. Every time you enter a room you can be assured that all the other doors either lead into the next area you need to be, or go back into the room you just left. No exploratory brain power is needed at all. I know the first game was criticized for being repetitious with it's re-running all the maps backwards and such, and often in the first it was easy to get lost. But this seems like taking the easy way out.

And as far as it's "mind blowing graphics", I say HUH? I'm quite certain they were pushing the X-box to it's limits to give us a pretty strong draw distance, and certain textures are fairly nice. But the character models looked hideous, and texture pop-in was terrible. The cutscenes in particular look awful, with lot's of glitches that really should not be an issue.

Now I'm not a big multiplayer fan. I admit that. I ran with City of Heroes for a while cause it was free and I had friends trying it out as well. But I generally have no time for true multiplayer games, and I just can't justify spending the money each month on X-box Live when I know I won't get the use out of it. I was a big fan of UT 2004, on account of the bots being so good, and that game looks faaaaaar better than H2.

I'm going to spend some time running around with people in the co-op from time to time, but I'll likely not ever touch the online aspect. So for those of you who do play online, I say "enjoy". But if you're not planning to rough it up over a cable line, be aware the single player game is seriously wanting.

Thank god Half-Life 2 comes out next week.

Halo 2, prepare to be spanked.

Ooo, I still have more San Andreas left too...

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