March 19, 2012 - Page 40
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03.19.12 09:39 AM

It would be really awesome if everyone went and saw John Carter this week. That movie really deserves a sequel, and Disney is reportedly less than thrilled with the receipts so far.

I read a few of the Tarzan books as a kid, and I remember it being pretty simplistic stuff. See Tarzan, Tarzan man. See savages steal Tarzans woman. Tarzan chase, Tarzan get back woman. Tarzan man.

So I wasn't really expecting a whole lot from Burroughs other big series. But in the end the movie was a lot of fun. So I started reading the original book last night, and the filmakers deserve a LOT of credit for fleshing out the characters. I'm not that far into the book, but so far the first 20 minutes of the movie are FAR more interesting than the print version.

So here's hoping we'll see a sequel, even though we almost certainly won't. At the very least, I'm getting this one on disc.

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